Chilling tree gang
Chilling Three Gang is a collection of 10,000 animals hanging from their tree and distributing chill vibes in the Ethereum blockchain.
What is
The gang of animals arranged a chill center on a huge old baobab and invited all their friends.
There are no problems and disputes here.
Come in and join the general vibe.
You are always welcome here.
Random elements from a set of more than 190 traits are used to create a unique animail.
10 types of animals
Several hundred million combinations and only 10,000 minted animals
The minting price is 0.03 ETH
Note: 40 Chilling Tree Animals will not be sold, but will be used for giveaways, promo campaigns and membership of the creators of the collection in Chilling Tree Gang.
What is chilling tree gang? •
What is chilling tree gang? •
What is chilling tree gang? •
what is Chilling
Tree gang
There is a strict face control at the entrance in order for the rest to be perfect. If someone isn't ready to forget about grievances and live in peace, they won't get into this island of harmony. Therefore, nobody will be able to disturb the peace established on the old baobab and prevent the animals from chilling.
And now animals from all over the world know that they can find their corner there.
Even pandas have learned to climb trees for tropical cocktails and shady branches.
Put on the darkest glasses with
a bright T-shirt and join the party!
Allow us to introduce ourselves
In a world of wars, stress, troubles and problems, a corner of calmness and relaxation is simply necessary. Many years ago, a tall old baobab became a place like that. The more time passed, the more animals came to the tree to relax and forget about their worries. First, a bar was opened at a height of 10 meters, then a lounge area at 20 meters, the stage for those who want to play their music got lost between the branches at the very top.
What is chilling tree gang about? •
What is chilling tree gang about? •
What is chilling tree gang about? •
We cover the costs of creating
a collection and pay off the team.
Part of the funds from the sale of NFT will be reinvested back into the community, the Chilling Tree Gang will be developed by attracting new artists, writers and developers.
We are opening a private private club on our website for holders of the Chilling Three Gang collection.
We will give away 10 ETH among the 20 largest holders of the collection. The rules of the giveaway will be
published later.
We are creating a liquidity pool to support the repurchase of all Chilling Three Gang with minimal prices. Some of these NFTs will be used to encourage the community.
road map • road map • road map •
road map • road map • road map •
road map • road map • road map •
1. In the collection, you will see 10 different animals resting on the baobab. But how many more of them hid in leaves from annoying attention? Who knows.
2. Why is everyone so stylish on the tree? The answer to this question can be found in the giraffe shop on the north side of the trunk.
3. To book the best places with a sunset view, you should contact the chameleon. But first, you will have to work hard to find it.
4. Bag chairs are in fashion on baobab right now, although previously everyone liked comfortable bamboo chairs. They had to be replaced when the pandas came.
5. A couple of years ago, a zipline was opened on a tree. What was the reason? So that sloths would no longer be late for all the coolest events.
6. Among the bartenders, lemur Joe has no equal. But you will have to stand in line, because each drink is created for a specific client.
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